Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) - AMNE (Activity of Multinational Enterprises)


The AMNE database presents detailed data on the activities of foreign affiliates in OECD countries (inward and outward activity of multinationals). The data indicate the increasing importance of foreign affiliates in the economies of host countries, particularly in production, employment, value added, research and development, labor compensation, exports. AMNE contains 17 variables* broken down by country of origin (inward investment) or location (outward investment) and by industrial sector for a large number of OECD countries. AMNE is based on data reported to OECD and Eurostat in the framework of annual surveys on the activities of foreign-controlled enterprises and foreign affiliates abroad controlled by residents of the compiling country (2005 - 2016).
*The 17 variables include: Number of enterprises, Number of persons employed, Turnover, Number of employees, Production, Value added at factor cost, Personnel costs, Gross investment in tangible goods, Gross operating surplus, Exports of goods and services, Imports of goods and services, Intra-firm exports of goods and services, Intra-firm imports of goods and services, Total intramural R&D expenditure, Total number of R&D personnel, Technological payments (inward only), Technological receipts (inward only).

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